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Jun. 5th, 2009

New Blog

I've had this livejournal account since before blogging was a hot thing, so it's high time for a change of venue.  This one has served me well for several years, but I'm ready for a fresh start.  If you would like the address for my new blog, please email me at lindseypotts711@gmail.com

So long and thanks for all the fish!

May. 12th, 2009


I LOVE being done with work!!  I never pictured myself as the stay-at-home domestic type, but I am really enjoying it.  I definitely overdid it yesterday - I spent the WHOLE day doing laundry, and by the time James got home last night, my back was KILLING me.  So today I am relaxing.  I will have to learn my limits now that I won't be sitting behind a desk every day.  Hopefully I can find a good balance.  I am so used to getting in this work zone where I do nothing but work for 9 hours - it's just that the work was never physically exerting before, and yesterday after I was done with my 9 hour laundry shift, my body was NOT happy with me.

Today I went out for lunch with my cousins Jessica and Wes and then Jess and I got pedicures while Wes got his hair cut.  It was so nice and relaxing!

Yesterday at my doctor's appointment they said it looks like Jem is going to be overdue.  He just wants to take his time.  The doctor's guess was May 25th or 26th, and he thinks Jem will be about 8 1/2 pounds.  Oh goody.

Apr. 28th, 2009

(no subject)

It is 3:18 am and I am wide awake, thanks to this son of mine.  My hips ache, my back aches, and I have horrible horrible heartburn.


That is all.

Apr. 27th, 2009

Exciting News!

James got his first law school acceptance letter today!!!  I am so proud of him.  It was from Nova Southeastern, a school in Miami.  We are still waiting to hear back from all the other ones.  But it is a great feeling to be accepted somewhere.  And I definitely wouldn't mind living in Miami!

Also, we have a new (old) car - it's a 1992 Nissan Sentra that we bought from our neighbor for a great price.  It's definitely showing it's age, but it still runs just fine.  We are still waiting on the settlement from the insurance company and we are planning to eventually buy something bigger/newer/more baby-friendly, but this little car is suiting us just fine for now.

I also have only 2 weeks of work left.  Hooray!!

Apr. 17th, 2009

The results are in!

Our car was totaled yesterday!  So now we are in the market for a new one.  This will be the first time that James and I have ever purchased a car together, and I am sure it will be an adventure.  Lots of decisions.  Right now we are thinking about something a little bigger and a little more family-friendly than the Civic.  Maybe a Honda CRV or a Toyota Rav4.  And then we have to decide if we want to get something older that we could pay off quicker (but could potentially have more maintenance problems sooner) or if we want to get something newer that would take us longer to pay off.  Decisions, decisions.

Any advice?  James is a car expert, so I am sure we will make a good decision in the end, but I like hearing all y'all's feedback.  :)

  (This could be our car soon!)

An Eventful Birthday

Yesterday was James' 26th birthday.  So of course, while he was on his way to work, he got in a car accident.  How awful is that?!

Our car is at the repair shop right now and we are waiting to hear the estimate.  It may or may not be totaled.  Someone two cars ahead of James slammed on their brakes, so the woman in front of James slammed on her brakes, and so did James, but the guy behind James did not.  He hit James at 35 mph which was hard enough to make James hit the woman in front of him.  So both the front and the rear end of our car are crunched.  I went with James to the repair shop to see the car, and the front isn't too bad - definitely needs a new bumper and one of the headlights is completely ruined.  But the whole trunk is totally crushed - the guy who hit him was driving an Escalade. 

After we got a rental car, James and I went out for lunch at Tucano's to try and enjoy his birthday.  It was yummy, but James' back was hurting.  So after lunch he went to the doctor where they took all kinds of x-rays for an hour and told him that 5 of his vertebrae are sprained.  They gave him muscle relaxers and pain killers, but he still had a hard time sleeping last night.  :(  I hope he feels better soon.  Now he can relate to all of my back pain, but I wish he didn't have to!

After the doctor, we both went to work for the rest of the day, but after work last night we went shopping and bought the new Silversun Pickups album that came out a few days ago (Ethan - I will burn you a copy - it's really good!) and we bought 2 dozen krispy creme doughnuts (I got a discount card at work!).  Then we took a quick trip to the grocery store because my morning sickness has been creeping up on me again and I needed to buy some food that would settle my stomach.

We came home and ate doughnuts and watched Wait Until Dark, which was so suspenseful - it made me jump and yelp a few times and James made fun of me.  :)

I hope we get everything sorted out with our car before the baby comes.  What an unpleasant hassle.  Last night we started fantasizing about the type of car we'd get if we have to get a new one - but I think we would both be happy to have our car back.  I am praying a lot for James' back to feel better, but I know that he's still the same old James because he started telling me Chuck Norris jokes in his sleep at 5am this morning.  :)

Apr. 11th, 2009

(no subject)

I have a lot to catch you all up on! First of all, I would like to publicly thank two people who made a really bad week slightly better. My dad sent me a box of snickerdoodles, which was a pleasant and delicious surprise. And my dear friend Stephanie surprised me with a potted Easter Lily at work. Stephanie came in on a day that she wasn’t even working just to chat with me and deliver a beautiful surprise. I have really enjoyed having that plant on my desk – five blossoms so far! Thanks to all the people who help me press onward especially when I am feeling weary.

My mom came down for a weeklong visit, and we had a lot of fun. We spent every morning doing something related to the baby, and now that she’s gone I feel a lot more prepared for this little guy’s arrival. One day, Aunt Jewel and Mom came over and we watched the dvd of our 20 week ultrasound (which I never did figure out how to upload on here – sorry, I wish you all could watch it) and we went out for lunch. On Tuesday, Mom and I went to get pedicures together. We picked out each other’s colors, and mine still looks great. Another day, Aunt Jewel and Mom took me shopping for all the things that I didn’t know I’d need. My favorite purchase was a new bathrobe from Gap Body – it is sooooo soft. We also found some really cute onesies and they treated me to an Orange Julius. On Saturday, James and I spent the whole day in Alpine. We watched general conference, had a big family meal with everyone, and went on a really fun easter egg treasure hunt that Aunt Jewel planned – she is so clever and creative. That night, while all the men went to the priesthood session of conference, us girls had a really fun baby shower. I got so many wonderful gifts – thanks to everyone who came and who helped plan it!! The decorations were especially cute – tons of matching umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, with matching M&M’s and dinnerware. I am so thankful for all my fun female family members.

On Sunday James and I watched general conference together at home. My very favorite talks from this general conference were Elder Hales’ talk, “Becoming Provident Providers: Temporally and Spiritually,” Elder Pino’s talk, “Faith in Adversity,” and Elder Holland’s talk, “None Were with Him.” General conference is always so enjoyable for me. I always hear something that I really need to hear. I missed our primary class, but I love cuddling with James on the couch in my pajamas and being spiritually fed.

This week, James’ parents and little sister are in town for spring break. On Wednesday and Thursday, we took a road trip up to Rexburg to visit BYU Idaho, where Jenny will be going to school this fall.  We had a lot of fun. My favorite parts of the trip were hanging out at the hot tub with James (I just stuck in my feet), seeing the Rexburg temple for the first time, eating dinner at The Olive Garden, and especially visiting with my cousin Elaine – she was SO helpful – she took us to several different apartment complexes and we got to tour the apartments and figure out where Jenny might want to live this fall. And she answered tons of our questions. Thanks Elaine for all your help!

I had another couple of doctor’s appointments this week – I was very relieved to find out that I won’t need a C-section after all, and that Jem is looking healthy and strong. He weighs about 5 pounds now. I am getting more and more uncomfortable, which I’m sure is a good sign. Now when he kicks, it’s not so cute and endearing anymore, it’s actually very physically painful. I am so glad I have a job where I can just sit at a desk all day. I really have no idea how the pioneers did it. I feel like an old lady most of the time – my muscles and joints always ache, and I can barely get up without help. They gave me yet another date this week – now they are saying based on his measurements that it looks like he could come as early as May 18th – which is only five weeks away! Also, I asked my doctor which hospital she recommends. We are lucky to have good insurance that allows us to go to any hospital we want. My doctor recommended Orem Community Hospital, which I was a little skeptical of at first – it’s a very small hospital and I always thought that I would be more comfortable in a larger hospital, but now that I have given it some thought, I think my doctor might be right. She said at Orem Community there are 3 patients per nurse instead of 8 like at Timpanogos and Utah Valley. I also talked to a coworker who used to work in housekeeping at all three hospitals – she said Orem Community is a much cleaner hospital. Also, my doctor said that in the larger hospitals, after the birth, they move you to a smaller room, but at Orem Community you get to stay in the same room the whole time, and there is a pull-out bed in the couch for the dad. I like that part.

I am excited to celebrate James’ birthday this week – did you know, he was originally due at the same time as Jem, but he was born six weeks early? I hope Jem doesn’t come so early.

Mar. 23rd, 2009

In which I write candidly about the downsides of pregancy...

I had a doctor's appointment last week, and I have them every two weeks now.  Soon it'll be once a week.  Can you believe Jem will be here in two months?  I can't - we are so excited - James dreams about him almost every night, and tells me that he wants Jem to hurry up and come out to play.  James is going to be an awesome dad.

Well, I talked to the doctor about lots of different things and as always she gave me good advice.  I really like her.  She always gives me a hug at every appointment.  This was the first appointment that I had to attend without James because of his new job, and I was a little nervous - James always comes with me to the doctor for everything.  He's a trooper.  I had to wait in the waiting room for an hour and a half because one of the other doctors was gone on a delivery so my doctor had to take all of his appointments as well as her own.  By the time they called my name, I felt like I was going to cry.  I think it was just the pregnancy hormones, but I was feeling very emotional and impatient.

And then they weighed me. I have gained 30 (thirty!) pounds since the beginning of this pregnancy.  At least I can hide it better than some people because of my height - but it still makes me feel a little glum.  I asked the doctor, and she said it's normal.  Well, anyway, I am going to start going to the gym after the little guy is born (if I can ever find the time) - that's another perk of my job - all APX employees get a free gym membership.  James tries really hard to convince me that I'm still gorgeous, but it's hard to believe when I feel like a blimp.  I'll be totally honest, I have no idea how obese people get through life.  I can't imagine having this be permanent - it takes soooo much effort to roll over in bed, bend over, tie shoes, even walk.  Blech.

At least I was able to get a solution for the heartburn - Heather, my doctor-lady, told me that I need to take Zantac every night before I go to bed - not just when the heartburn starts.  So I have been doing that, and the heartburn has gone away.  Hooray!

James and I signed up for a childbirth class at the hospital in a few weeks.  But I'm starting to think that maybe I don't want to know about it ahead of time.  I have been reading all of my pregnancy books, and recently I have been reading the parts about birth itself, and the more informed I become, the more nervous I feel (one word:  stitches.  no - make that two words:  catheter and stitches).  I know that this is what my body was built for, but I can't help but think sometimes, hey!  this is not normal!  my body is not supposed to be doing this!  I'm sure by the time baby number four comes around someday I'll be a pro at this and none of these things will even phase me, but this is all very new and kinda scary to me.

Let's talk about something besides pregnancy, shall we?  We shall.  I had a fun weekend.  On Friday night Stephanie and I went out for chinese food and then we watched a movie at her place.  The main plot of the movie centered around a wedding, and I was really struck by how different LDS temple weddings are from secular ones.  As much as the world beautifies their weddings will lavish decorations and flowers and wordy vows, none of it even comes close to comparing to the beauty of a temple marriage.  I am so grateful for my eternal marriage.  I told Stephanie, "If only the rest of the world knew what they're missing."

On Saturday James and I both had the day off so we took a trip up to Tooele to visit Julie and Logan.  Luke stayed with us for a few nights this past week because he was working in Orem and it was fun to have him around.  But Julie was excited to have him home.  Logan is still so so so cute.  He crawls everywhere now, and he has started pulling himself up on the edge of the coffee table.  He's becoming very wiggly, and he has learned to use his lungs!  We had Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner and watched "Night at the Museum," which was actually pretty good.  And we brought home a bassinett that they are loaning us for a few months until we move.  Every day the reality of motherhood becomes a little clearer to me.

Sunday we only had one hour of church because of the Draper temple dedication.  No primary.  :(  Our class was very sad - a few of them ran up to give us hugs and give us pictures they had colored for us after sacrament meeting.  They are SO MUCH FUN.
We have a new bishop as of last week, and this week in sacrament every family was asked to fill out a get-to-know-you survey, and I was surprised that the vast majority of the questions had to do with emergency preparedness and self-reliance.  I am proud to say that James and I have quite a food storage set up.  We always stock up on non-perishables when they are on sale, and we always buy bottled water because tap water tastes nasty.

I'm very thankful that the church teaches us about self reliance and living within your means.  A few weeks ago, all of the talks in sacrament meeting were about those very subjects, and I have been pondering those principles.  Sometimes I wish I had minored in something other than business (it turned out to be a very boring and difficult minor), but other times I am glad that I did.  Having taken economics and finance classes helps me understand more about what is happening with our economy, and James likes to avoid the subject with me because I tend to get very riled up if we start talking about it too deeply, lol.  I won't talk too much about my opinions here because that would make this already lengthy post twice as long.  Essentially I am very angry about people not taking responsibility for their financial situations.  I am very glad that the prophets started teaching us to avoid debt years ago.  And I am very grateful to my parents for teaching me to manage money.  Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Mar. 14th, 2009

Pregnancy Update

I am so hungry all the time now.  Last night I went with my friend Stephanie to The Village Inn, and I ordered the crepes lorraine, which was seriously delicious (crepes filled with scrambled eggs, bacon and onions, topped with swiss cheese and hollandaise sauce) - I finished off the entire platter and I was STILL starving, so I stopped for McDonald's fries and a shake on the way home.  I have also eaten five boxes of girl scout cookies in the past week.  I feel like a total pig.

At work they are having a 'Biggest Loser' contest to see who can lose the most weight between now and the beginning of June.  I asked my boss if I was allowed to participate, since I will probably lose about 20 pounds when this little guy is born and shortly thereafter, and she said anyone can participate.  I think I'm a shoein.  I am soooooo going to win the first place prize - a Wii Fit. 

Jem is SO ACTIVE all the time now.  I swear he does somersaults in there.  And he kicks a lot.  But more than kicking, his favorite thing is to push outward really hard and hold it there for a few minutes.  It reminds me of little kids pushing on the back of their parents' seats in the car.  I think he's asking me for more room, and I always explain to him that he's not done cooking yet - 2 months and 1 week left.  It's coming so quick!

James and I had a long discussion last night.  He has sent off all his law school applications, and we are waiting on the results.  But this new job of his is turning out so well, and it's certainly lucrative enough to support a family, so it's tempting us to rethink the law school thing.  We haven't made any decisions yet - we'll wait to see what law schools accept James.  Being an attorney is still James' first choice, but we are weighing all the options of what it would cost financially, etc.  I think we'll probably still end up at a law school somewhere this fall, but it's interesting to have another option.  It certainly would be ironic if we decided against law school - Utah is the one place I never thought I would end up living permanently.  I'll keep you all posted!

Mar. 9th, 2009

Tolerance and Understanding

My heart is a little sad this morning.  I woke up this morning and started running through my daily internet routine... check email.... check google reader.... check facebook.  When I got to facebook, I had a new invitation to join a group called "Stop HBO from showing LDS temple ceremonies!"  This is the group's description:

"Many of you may have heard of HBO's television show, Big Love. It came out a couple of years ago, and it shows polygamous families. When it first came out, the church came out with a strong statement against Big Love and Polygamy. You can see the statement here:


"However, as if the polygamy weren't bad enough, HBO has taken their unscrupulousness to new heights.
On Sunday, March 15, 2009, HBO will be airing a segment of their Big Love series that will show individuals dressed in full temple clothing (you can see the picture right in the TV guideitself), and they are planning on recreating the temple ordinances on public television. They have an ex-member of the church that is helping them make this ceremony as authentic as possible (you can see even from the pictures they have posted how closely they have replicated the clothing).

"Please help stop HBO from airing such an offensive show! You can go to the link below to submit a comment to HBO.


"It's imperative that we get as many people to voice their complaints as possible before HBO airs the show. Please pass this information on to as many people as you can!

"If you are not a member of the LDS church, we invite you to learn about our church and our temples from a true source: www.mormon.org."

I was invited to a group just like this one when Big Love first premiered on HBO.  I sent HBO a complaint, and I just got some generic mass email response.  And the show is still on the air.  Honestly, networks like it when their shows are controversial - it's like Rush Limbaugh - he's so controversial that even liberals listen to him so they have something to argue about.  He has millions of listeners.  The more controversial a topic, the more likely the media will use it as subject matter.  It will get an audience.

So unfortunately, I really don't think my sending a complaint to HBO will make one bit of difference in their decision to air the episode.  But it does make me very sad.  Temple marriage is something I consider to be very sacred and holy, and I wish people would respect my beliefs and religion.

I've been thinking a lot about tolerance this weekend.  I am a very tolerant person - I respect people of all backgrounds and lifestyle choices.  Sadly, there are a lot of members of my faith who are not as tolerant or respectful.  I have friends here in Utah who have been ostracized because of their choices.  I know LDS people who will only associate with other LDS people who are just as 'righteous' as they are.  It's unfortunate.  To those people, I say this:

"We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may."

That's doctrine.  I have a lot of friends from high school who are openly gay and in relationships - and I still think the world of them.  I myself know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to be the true church.  But I will never think less of someone else for choosing to believe something else.

In the case of HBO's show Big Love, I find myself on the other side of this unfortunate lack of respect and understanding.  Now I am the one whose beliefs are being disrespected.  I can't claim to understand HBO's agenda in airing this show.  But it really saddens me.  In a day and age when members of my faith are commonly called bigotted, I think this is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.  I respect all beliefs, and I lament that a liberal world (which claims to be so evolved, tolerant, and forward-thinking) won't do the same for me.

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